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Welcome to SPIN!®

Come join the fun at your neighborhood SPIN!® Any time is the perfect time to gather with friends and family to share fun, pizza and homemade sangrias (NEW Blood Orange Sangria, too)! We’re just waiting to SPIN!® you up a great time! 

SPIN!® Around KC…



We're gearing up for another FAVOLOSO summer of bike rides in Kansas City!! Stay tuned for more info on our rides on our SPIN! Biking Facebook Page. Or, sign up for our Bike Email List and email us so we can get you added. Also, we have some really cool promotions coming up, so make sure we have your email address up-to-date on your SPIN! Club account.

Don't know what email address you gave us? No problem! We can look it up for you. Send us an email and we'll look into your account. OR, go to our SPIN! Club Sign In page and you can check your account info and points.  

Also...we're still loving our new SPIN! at Corinth Square and excited to be part of the Prairie Village neighborhood. See photos of our new location! Spin by if you haven't already!

SPIN! Around Orange County, CA… 

SPIN! is COMING SOON in Huntington Beach; OPEN in Los Alamitos!! 

We're working on our new location in Huntington Beach, so stay tuned for more info!!

SPIN! is also open NOW at 11122 Los Alamitos Blvd!! Here are some photos from our new restaurant and of our opening! 

Say hi to Pat, Mike, Sara and Amanda, some of our team members and managers, who hail from SPIN!’s hometown of Kansas City, and who are bringing SPIN!’s original menu and culture to the West Coast.

SPIN! is a great place for lunch or dinner. Come by yourself, with a date, or with a big group of family or friends. You’ll be comfortable no matter what!

CI VEDIAMO (see you soon!)